Because studforum is by and for students, we think transparency is our management is very important. On this page you will find the more intricate details about our operation.

Bookkeeping records

All donations and payments are published here.

03/08/2015Payment Hosting-€6.002xMiniVPS InceptionHosting
10/07/2016Payment Hosting-€19.17Tweejaarlijks XS Time4VPS
08/08/2016Payment Domeinnaam-€10.24Vernieuwing domeinnaam
19/12/2016Income donation Stef Maelstaf€2.50
20/12/2016Income Anonymous donation€40.00
20/12/2016Income donation ab0rt€2.50
03/01/2017Income donation Joris Saenen€2.06€2.50 before paypal fees;
08/01/2017Income donation Tibo Theuwis€2.06€2.50 before paypal fees;
19/01/2017Income donation Wouter Van der Schaelen€3.51€4.00 before paypal fees;
21/01/2017Income donation JK€1.58€2.00 before paypal fees;
31/01/2016Income Hosting€13.79Betaling transfer server (205 dagen van 2*365 gebruikt @ 19.17 per 2 jaar) -> 19.17*(1-205/(2*365))
31/01/2016Payment Hosting-€19.17Tweejaarlijks XS Time4VPS
28/05/2017Income donation Michiel Serdons€2.06€2.50 before paypal fees;
04/08/2017Income donation Bram Lenaerts€1.10€1.50 before paypal fees;
04/08/2017Income donation Karsten Gielis€4.48€5.00 before paypal fees;
04/08/2017Income donation Matthias Van Oostveld€1.58€2.00 before paypal fees;
04/08/2017Income donation Gijs Collet€4.48€5.00 before paypal fees;
05/08/2017Income donation Vincent Demeulenaere€2.06€2.50 before paypal fees;
06/08/2017Payment Domeinnaam-€10.56Vernieuwing domeinnaam
06/08/2017Income donation Bavo Van Achte€47.95€50.00 before paypal fees;
07/08/2017Income donation Pieterjan De Feyter€4.48€5.00 before paypal fees;
08/08/2017Income donation Jeroen Coppens€18.97€20.00 before paypal fees;
26/08/2017Payment Hosting-€15.28Upgrade Time4VPS XS to S
18/12/2017Income donation Lennert Vliegen€1.58€2.00 before paypal fees;
28/05/2018Income donation RobMatthys€2.06€2.50 before paypal fees;
06/06/2018Income donation Stinkieeee€1.58€2.00 before paypal fees;
18/06/2018Payment Domeinnaam-€9.82Vernieuwing domeinnaam
28/08/2018Income donation Malfidus€4.48€5.00 before paypal fees;
13/01/2019Income donation Laurenz Lenz€0.13€0.50 before paypal fees;
25/01/2019Payment Hosting-€43.27Tweejaarlijks S Time4VPS